CNWL Interprofessionalism Conference

Please find below the presentation (Full) as well as the resources and programmes for the three workshop tables. Should you require further information or wish to discuss your approaches to IPE using simulation techniques & technologies please email any member of the group of presenters below:

Nicholas Gosling – Head of GAPS simulation

Christopher Broom – GAPS Simulation Specialist

Argyro Zoumprouli – GAPS Clinical Director

Asanga Fernando – GAPS Clinical Co-Director

IPE Simulation Presentation

Digital tools for observation & feedback

Practice Nurse Educators Train the Trainer

Practice Educators Train the Trainer Presentation

1) Technology:

Participants were encouraged to dress, start-up and programme our simulators using a laminated start-up guide and a patient brief Gaumard UNI Start-up Guide

2) Scenario Design:

Participants worked in groups to design and develop scenarios using a blank template for learning objectives, resources and scenario progression Scenario Design Template

3) Facilitation & Feedback:

Participants were encouraged to use a variety of different models and expand their repertoire of facilitation. Debriefs were conducted in various different modalities. ie. Table top, group discussion, self debriefing, and facilitated debriefs. The principles remain the same. These principles can be adapted to meet the needs of the learner and the scenario. Get everyone talking professionally about clinical practice. Think PARROTS

4) Successes of the model:

Over 40 PNEs have been trained to use simulation as a teaching tool.

In the last 3 months of 2016, over 300 clinical staff were exposed to simulation & skills training within their clinical workplace (ie. In-situ/mobile simulation).

The relationship that we have with our trust clinical educators has also expanded on the repertoire of Centre based courses we deliver and the enrollment of nursing staff on current, commissioned, deanery based courses. (ie. CMT, Foundation, Medical School).

Mobile & “In Situ” Simulation

SWAMPI – Simulation Workshops At the Mental-Physical Interface

CNWL Presentation


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