Dental Simulation

Dental I & II are equipped with the latest technology and audio visual systems. Currently BOTH simulation suites include highly sophisticated dental phantom heads including our new Dental II expansion. We provide innovative and varied training programmes for dentists, allied dental professionals and maxillofacial surgeons. The facilities are amongst the best in the UK with St. George’s GAPS simulation team providing HEE Dental programmes for DFT’s & CPD training.

DENTAL I – 14 highly sophisticated dental phantom heads


DENTAL II – 17 highly sophisticated dental phantom heads

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long room


The facility creates an excellent learning environment for postgraduate clinical training for: year 1 (Foundation Dentists), year 2-4 (Dental Core Trainees), Specialists and Consultants in training and general dental practitioners together with other members of the dental team. The training suite includes 17 tutor/student work stations along with accompanying ‘phantom head’ simulators linked to video enabled surgical operating microscopes. Touch screen HD ethernet protocol audio-visual technology further aids the teaching experience.

The high fidelity simulation training space is equipped with internet cameras offering live link teaching to the Maxillo-Facial Unit of the Hospital. The dental team can cut; shave, drill, fill and drill a variety of plastic teeth set with in the jaws of state of the art phantoms’ jaws and undertake surgical procedures on the work surface. The room is fully equipped to allow practical courses in: root canal therapy, periodontics, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics and prosthodontics.

Richard Porter is the Clinical Lead for Dental Simulation at St George’s 2017/18 & 2019

For Postgraduate Learning Opportunities at this facility please follow this link

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