Mobile Basic Airway Teaching and Learning Package


Welcome to the mobile Basic Airway Teaching and Learning resource. This package was created and designed by Dr Shamil Tanna, GAPS Simulation Fellow & Anaesthetic Trainee October 2016.

The mobile basic airway resource is a tool that can be used to recap basic airway skills, useful for all healthcare professionals, which are essential in an emergency. This resource consists of both online learning material and practical teaching. The learning material can be completed in the learners own time and comprises of online lectures and videos. The practical teaching is delivered via a mobile airway trolley in the learners working environment, thereby ensuring efficient training of staff whilst minimising disruption to staffing levels. This session involves recapping all the basic skills required to manage an airway until further help arrives, including how to assess an airway, simple airway manoeuvres, insertion of both nasopharyngeal airways and oropharyngeal airways, how to use a bag valve mask and to how to insert i-gel LMAs.

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∗ In order to access the Teacher Resources you must first complete the form at the bottom of the page and the GAPS team will email you the password


Resource Lead: Dr Shamil Tanna

Resource Organisers:

Dr Sneha Mehta, Clinical Fellows in Neuro Intensive Care

Dr Frances Rogerson, Clinical Fellows in Neuro Intensive Care

Nicholas Gosling , St George’s Advanced Patient Simulation & Skills Centre – GAPS

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