In-Situ & Mobile Simulation


Ward Orientated Manikin Based Action Training


At St George’s Advanced Patient Simulation & Skills Centre,
the technicians and simulation specialists provide bespoke training for Clinical Educators in the trust to use Simulation & Skills Equipment to supplement their local teaching programmes.

The Family

Apollo, CAE
Lucina, CAE
HAL, Gaumard
Noelle, Gaumard
MetiMan, CAE
SimMan 3G, Laerdal


Paed Hal, Gaumard
Newborn, Gaumard

A novel and innovative Train the Trainer Programme provides staff with the skills to “Take it out of the box and turn it on” and design and deliver their own in-situ, mobile simulation scenarios for their local teams. Born out of the WOMBATS programmes that first took simulation into clinical areas, Practice Nurse Educators and Senior Doctors now use Simulation as a teaching tool, independent of the Simulation Team, exposing many more staff to the rich learning opportunities that technology can bring.

“Simulation Technologies help to supplement the induction and introduction of staff to environments and equipment around the hospital, development of new policies and procedures, and also to help teams to anticipate future problems or challenges in emergencies in their own environment”.

Gary Allen, Senior Technician & Engineer (Operating Department Practitioner)



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