Pioneering Inter-professional simulation at the interface of

CAMhELS Interface

In 2017 a series of commissioned courses (by Health Education England (South London)) was designed to meet the challenges and needs of staff across St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust in caring for cancer patients. Supporting staff working in these clinical areas has been amongst the recommendations following the 2016 CQC inspection.

This course aims to improve awareness and identification of common mental health co-morbidities in cancer patients at the end of life. Inter-professionally, participants will develop relevant, evidence-based assessment and management skills, and demonstrate improved confidence in this clinical area. Additionally generalisable skills are developed for nurses, doctors and AHPs in having difficult conversations, de-escalation of agitation and creating dialogue with patients about treatment plans with patient wishes at the centre of the decision making process.

The Simulation centre and an expert faculty facilitate a series of lectures, workshops & group activities, intertwined by immersive simulations with highly skilled actors as patients/relatives to generate professional discussion about practice in an inter-disciplinary training environment.

New Courses are being delivered here locally throughout 2018. Courses are free for St Georges Trust Staff, but will require the relevant authorisation by line managers and educational supervisors.


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