Live Surgery

Next Live Surgery – Wednesday 5th April 2017 – PLASTICS

Provisional Surgical Cases:- 9am – 12am 5th April Lecture theatre J0.8

  1. Scar revision
  2. Bilateral Breast Reduction

The first LIVE surgery project piloted by Mr Samer Saour, Consultant Plastic Surgeon (Locum),  last month saw two plastic surgery operations streamed live from surgical theatres in the Trust, into an SGUL lecture theatres for P Year students to watch/listen live. Students were able to ask questions directly to the operating surgeon via a member of the plastics surgical team whom joined the students in the Lecture Theatre to facilitate and add further commentary. Feedback from the students who participated has been excellent and we will certainly be looking at other ways in which this innovative style of teaching may be incorporated elsewhere in the curriculum.

PLease provide us with feedback for the 5th April 2017 Live Surgey Event by completing this short evaluation –



18th January 2017 Live surgical link to lecture theatre J0.8

Case 1 - - Hand Case- Dupuytren’s under Local Anaesthetic

Consultant Plastic Surgeon- Mr Roger Adlard 

Case 2 -- Nipple reconstruction under local Anaesthetic

Consultant Plastic Surgeon - Mr Samer Saour

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