Accessibility and Inclusion

Support for people with disabilities:

For those learners attending skills or simulation course at the GAPS Centre, these sessions aim to provide educational experiences that replicate the clinical setting.

This often involves communicating complex information with urgency, in a busy,  noisy and at times intense environment. It is not unusual for multiple people to be talking at once and learners may need to process written and spoken information from a variety of sources as part of their simulation experience.

If you have any kind of difficulty or disability that may impact on your ability to engage effectively with the simulation session, we’d love to hear from you in advance to understand how we can support.

If you normally use a perceptual or mobility aid, or specialised device of some kind to carry out your clinical role, it may be helpful to bring it to the simulation session.

Visiting the centre before your sim session to aid orientation is always an option, whether or not you have a disability. Additionally, whilst the simulations at the GAPS centre take place in a step free environment, we’re keen to hear from wheelchair users and those learners using mobility aids so that we can consider how the environment can be optimised in terms of physical accessibility.

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