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CNWL interprofessionalism conference – 22nd February 2017

Annual Report GAPS Report 2015-16

Selected Publications from the St George’s Advanced Patient Simulation Team

Huon Snelgrove, Greg McAnulty, Nick Gosling Editorial: The dissenting opinion: can simulation-based multi-professional training reduce ‘groupthink’? Postgrad Med J 2011;87:323-324

Huon Snelgrove, Nick Gosling, Vaughan Holmes, Greg McAnulty (2011) ‘Let’s fly with it” BMJ Letter-to-the-editor- Rapid response to D. M Gaba BMJ 2011;342:doi:10.1136/bmj.c7310 (Published 14 January 2011)

Emma Evans, Huon Snelgrove Jo Teare (2011) ‘Team work matters’ in C Lynch ed. Safer Motherhood: textbook on PPH 2nd edition (in press)

Jo Teare Huon Snelgrove Serena Bourke (April 2011) ‘Out of the Fish Bowel ‘ paper on Foundation programme development submitted to Medical Education for peer review in “Really Good Stuff”

Snelgrove H, Familiari G, Gallo P, Gaudio E, Lenzi A, Ziparo V, Frati L. The challenge of reform: 10 years of curricula change in Italian medical schools. Medical Teacher 2009; 31: 1047-55.

Snelgrove H. Luccarini S et al et al (2004) Opportunità e sfide per la piattaforma e-learning nella prima facoltà di medicina e chirurgia Vol 25, pp953-958

Snelgrove H et. Al. (2006) Il futuro è passato di qui: E-learning in Medicina: Medicina e Chirurgia Vol 35 pp1426-1429

Snelgrove H (2008) L’apprendimento interprofessionale a medicina: review della letteratura e proposte per la 1 Facolta di Medicina e Chirurgia Medicina e Chirurgia Vol 37 pp 1635-41

Snelgrove H. Lenzi A et al et al(2004) Indagine sull’e-learning nei CLS in Medicina e Chirurgia Vol 23 pp893-897 Snelgrove, H (2004) Developing assessment grids for language and content in a multidisciplinary Medical course (429-

442); in Integrating Content and Language: Meeting the challenge of a multilingual higher education Edited by Robert Wilkinson, Maastricht University, Netherlands. Published by Universitaire Pers Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Burton D, Clarke JT, McAnulty GR. Time out of anaesthetic training to work in a war zone. Bulletin 18. The Royal College of Anaesthetists 2003.

Gallo P. Snelgrove H et al (2002) “To be or not to be? Il corso di inglese medico alla ricerca di una propria identità tra missioni, obiettivi e realtà diverse”. In Medicina e Chirurgia 17.

Snelgrove H. Mungra P. Webber, P (2001)”The use of modality in different medical text genres” In Gotti M., Dossena M. (eds) Modality in Specialized Texts. Bern: Peter Lang.

Snelgrove H, McAnulty G. A glance at medical reading habits in Italy and England: is the writing on the wall? … European Journal of Anaesthesiology 2000; 17: 717.

Mungra P, Snelgrove H., Webber P. (1999) “Reading Medical English- language competence & professional autonomy”. In UNESCO ALSED-LSP Newsletter Vol. 22/1.

N. Gosling, M. Moore, C. Williams, M. Festa Can simulation recreate a realistic and appropriately stressful environment to observe team behaviours in the setting of paediatric critical illness? Archive Di Child 2005 A82-A85

Conference presentations and posters produced by simulation team

Huon Snelgrove, Greg McAnulty, Nicholas Gosling, Jasmine Burnett, Christopher Broom, Andrew Sykes, Jessica Styles, Chido Muchanet. Practice Nurse Educators Train the Trainer, SLSN Conference The Oval, London 2016

Despoina Liotiri, Clare Ivermee, Melanie Alvis, Christopher Broom, Huon Snelgrover, Nicholas Gosling Greg McAnulty. Using Simulation to introduce a new ABCDE Checklist for Recovery Nurses, SLSN Conference The Oval, London 2016

Suman Biswas, Huon Snelgrove, Nick Gosling, Greg McAnulty. Filling in the GAPS. AMEE Conference Milan, Italy 2014

Huon Snelgrove, Greg McAnulty, Peter Jaye, Vaughan Holm, Isabel De Abreu, Nicholas Gosling. General Practice (GP) Emergency Preparedness: a pilot needs analysis using medium fidelity patient simulators. AMEE Conference Lyon, France 2012

Yuriy Kubida, Greg McAnulty, Hasmita Banga, Nicholas Gosling, Vaughan Holm, Huon Snelgrove. Understanding the challenges of non-UK, EU trained anaesthetists starting work in the National Health Service in London: How can we make life easier and safer? SESAM Conference Stavanger, Norway 2012

Jo Teare, Serena Williams, Huon Snelgrove, Greg McAnulty Specific redesign, changes and evaluation. Quality and Safety in Healthcare conference. Amsterdam, 2011, (5-8 April 2011)

Serena Bourke, Greg McAnulty, Nick Gosling, Huon Snelgrove ‘Simulation and Education in Anaesthesia’ Exeter 2011

Jo Teare, Serena Williams (December 2010) Presentation at London deanery in a “Dragon’s Den” style format for POSE- Runner up in Innovative Trainee award. Practical Obstetric Simulated Emergencies.- A bespoke training the trainers pro- gramme for the obstetric team interested in undertaking skills and drills with high fidelity simulation.

Serena Bourke, Jo Teare (May 2011) Presentation at Clinical Governance half day to surgical directorate. ‘Simulation in Anaesthesia. “What else should we be remembering?’

McAnulty, G, Gosling, N, Evans, E., Holm, H., Newman, P., and Snelgrove, H. (2009). “Poster: High Fidelity Stimulation for Clinical Teachers”AMEE City: Malaga, Spain. 29th August – 2nd September.

Snelgrove H, F Romanelli et. Al, (2006) Teaching learning approaches and communication skills. Paper presented at the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) annual Conference. Genoa, 16 September.

Snelgrove H. (2006) Designing and Managing a blended e-learning module on communication skills. Paper presented at the European Association of Communication & Healthcare (EACH) International Conference on Communication and Healthcare, Basle Switzerland 5-8

Huon Snelgrove* Consorti et al (2005) Combining curriculum and staff development in the design of a teaching module on communication skills Poster presented in the section: Teacher and learning Communication Skills at the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) annual Conference. Amsterdam 30 August-3 Sept 2005

Gosling, N.R. “Management of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms in the Community” Research project report for Level 3 O.D.P qualification 1994. Alliance CME annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA Presentation on Clinical Skills Laboratories linked to

Gosling N, Moore M. WOMBATS. CME Poster Presentation at NPSA National Conference entitled Championing Patient Safety, Leading by Example – Presentation at British Anaesthetic & Recovery Nurses Association – Simulated Clinical Scenarios and its role in training.

Gosling, M. Moore – Presentation at METI National Conference HPSN, Florida, USA. Ward Orientated Manikin Based Action Training & Simulation. WOMBATS.

Jo Teare, Serena Bourke, Greg McAnulty, Nick Gosling, Huon Snelgrove ‘Simulation and Education in Anaesthesia‘ ac- cepted for oral presentation at SESAM, Grenada June 4-6th 2011

Jo Teare, Serena Bourke, Greg McAnulty, Nick Gosling, Huon Snelgrove ‘Simulation and Education in Anaesthesia‘ ac- cepted for oral presentation at AMEE conference, Vienna August 2011.

Huon Snelgrove, Nick Gosling, Greg McAnulty, Vaughan Holm, Jo Teare, Serena Williams Exploration of the impact of a simulation Train-the- Trainers Course (accepted for oral presentation at SESAM, Grenada June 4-6th 2011)

Multi-media presentations online

Snelgrove H. (2006) L’introduzione della FAD nel panorama della sanità italiana: Yahoo Salute A cura de Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore Disponibile a:: http://it.health.yahoo.net/p_interview.asp?id=11862&s=16

Snelgrove H (2005) Rapporto Medico paziente: Intervista Radio: Disponibile a: http://repubblicaradio.repubblica.it/home_page.php?playmode=palinsesto&cont_id=1378&date=2005-06-22&stream=video

Snelgrove, H (2006) E-learning e didattica medica – Intervista a Huon Snelgrove Cos’è che manca nel contesto italiano rispetto alle altre facoltà di medicina europee? Sul sito Ecm Azienda Ospedaliera di Perugia: http://www.ecmperugia.it/news.php

Scientific meeting organising committees

Snelgrove H, Luccarini S et al (2005): E-learning nella formazione in Medicina e nei Corsi di Area Sanitaria. 6 July, Auditorium della I Clinica Medica del Policlinico Umberto I, Rome, Italy. Program available at: http://www.amm.uniroma1.it/

Snelgrove, H Luccarini et al (2005) E-learning alla Sapienza, Facoltà di Fisica, Citta Universitaria, Università di Rome, La Sapienza, Rome Italy

Snelgrove, H (2006) Chairperson moderator of conference session: Misuse of reliability estimates in medical education at the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) annual Conference. Genoa, 18 September

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