Foundation Simulation

Foundation 2

Course Structure/Outline:

This course emphasises multidisciplinary team training in acute care settings. Training is built around separate, but simultaneous scenarios using two high fidelity simulation laboratories. Doctors work alongside qualified nursing staff, as well as other members of the multidisciplinary team in realistic team conditions. Leadership, decision-making, distributed cognition and situational awareness in complex clinical settings are a prime focus in our instructional design to enhance postgraduate interprofessional collaborative practices. The idea is to simulate more closely real ward or A&E environments and working practices where junior doctors and nurses may deal (initially, at least) with acute events whilst more senior staff consider allocation of resources and provide immediate management advice and prioritise interventions in person as well as by phone.

In this way participants are offered opportunities to reflect on individual, team and system factors affecting the delivery of high quality care and enhance patient safety. In addition, feedback from clinical nursing faculty and peers underlines our belief that developing positive attitudes to interprofessional team debrief practices is an important learning outcome of the programme in its own right.

Inter-professional foci:

Foundation grade Drs (FY1 & FY2) work alongside junior and senior nursing colleagues. Simultaneous scenarios are managed by a junior nurse and FY1 ‘team’. While the senior resources (FY2 and senior nurse) provide cover oversight and co-ordination of the care and escalation provided for both patients. Scenarios are initially instigated by a SBAR handover followed by an initial nurse assessment and escalation of NEWS to the co-ordinating team and subsequent delegation to FY1’s.

Nursing: To book your place on one of the below dates please seek agreement from your line manager and then email  to confirm your place. Alternatively ring ext 1119 and ask to be placed on the course / date of your choice.













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