Update 16 – June 2020

Update 16 – June 2020


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We are connecting frequently with many of you now and our work together is at a busy and important time. We are branching out in our roles it seems, working with established and newer members of the wider team to cover several different work-streams. We welcome Bernie to our group and also the nurses and midwives who are starting to find ways to join the work within the board interviews and the debrief activities.

May Reset and Re-Plan:

We have attached slides on this, as talked through last Tuesday, to remind ourselves what our purpose is, where we are in our project plan and what will be the next steps. Despite covid-19 we are on track with our timeline. We made changes to tools to adapt to circumstances. We are confident we will reach our first goals at the end of September and the team are also thinking ahead, beyond that. Any further questions please contact any of the core team members.

Nurse and midwife engagement:

We continue to work on this, to support fuller engagement. With new shift patterns coming in we hope this will help but we will keep a close eye on this, and continuously work with you all to see what can be done.


Comms were put on hold due to Covid-19 but as the situation stabilises, we are putting our work back on the Trust’s agenda, to help increase engagement of staff and leadership in the work.

De-brief Process:

Bernie is planning 10-15 groups of people roughly in each session, fewer for the virtual ones. We will run micro groups and BAME representations too. We will also want to seek out the views of those working on sites and WFH as some very different experiences have been occurring, clearly. More people offered to help with this work, which is great. See the note at the end from Ellie about some possible CPD for those involved in this.

Board interviews

These are starting to get scheduled but with over 25 to do in total there are lots more to arrange. There is now a large team of champions offering to help with this and Ghazal is co-ordinating diaries. It is important that original members of the team are involved with newer members to ensure that the sessions are run as planned.

Shared Drive:

Nick and Bernie will be working together to get this moving again, hopefully with a password protected website.

Culture as we experience it

We did our report back across the group on experiences of culture and some offered thoughts in writing. Some of the comments were captured on the written chat thread in the attachment, to which we have also added other summarised comments received by email.

Message from Ellie – CPD opp for focus group work

I’m attending this webinar in a couple of weeks. I thought it might be helpful for the people in the focus groups team who are facilitating reflective practice debrief sessions to capture info about culture. There is a small charge but it looks very relevant to our setting, being run by someone who works in an acute hospital and has lots of experience of running such groups. I’m attending (no cost for me as I’m a member) and I am happy to feed back in any case.

Webinars :

I am emailing to remind you that the first of two standalone webinars on ‘How to Run Reflective Practice Groups During Covid-19: the Heads and Hearts Model’ will take place a week today, on Friday May 29th 10-11.30am. The second webinar will be on Wednesday June 10th 10-11.30am. These events are booking up fast and are low cost (non-members pay £20), so do make sure you register to attend if you are interested.

  You can share the following link with non-members to allow them to find out more and to purchase a ticket: https://acpuk.org.uk/heads_and_hearts/

Ellie – We would love for you to give us feedback and if anyone else can attend please do!

Update 16 Comments / Feedback 

Thank you – Ghazal

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