Tracheostomy Bootcamp 2020

A 2 hour workshop on tracheostomy care and emergency skills management for the multidisciplinary team.

About this Event

During this 2 hr programme you will work with an experienced tutor in tracheostomy care.

To enable social distancing and enhance your learning, this 2 hr face to face practical workshop is supported by a package of locally created online learning activities, which you will be provided remote access to upon enrolment.

These online activities must be completed prior to attendance to the practical workshop. Completion of these online packages will be monitored through assessment.

At the end of this workshop, learners are expected to be able to:

  • Recall relevant tracheostomy anatomy
  • Identify and use tracheostomy specific equipment
  • Recognise deterioration in ventilation/oxygenation and airway complications
  • Demonstrate practical steps of the tracheostomy emergency algorithm
  • Implement emergency interventions during a team simulation


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