These standards apply to all those who deliver educational activity within or on behalf of the Simulation and Skills Centre (GAPS) whether they are directly employed as a member of the department or are a visiting faculty member. They apply to conduct of individuals and to the general governance of activities and courses. It will be assumed that these standards will be complied with by all those making use of the facilities of GAPS.


  1. All educational activities will be learner-centred. This means that the primary beneficiary is to be the learner regardless of the source of funding for the course or of other associated activities (eg research, product promotion, etc).
  2. All pecuniary and other interests in the conduct of educational activity in the GAPS facility or on behalf of GAPS must be declared on the form provided.
  3. The educational goal of educational activities must be stated and an educational lead for the activity identified. The educational lead must be present during a substantial proportion of the time the activity is being conducted.
  4. If courses or activities are being provided on behalf of an educational body, the course must be conducted in accordance with the standards of that educational body. However, where standards are unstated or are in conflict with GAPS standards as stated in this document, GAPS standards take precedent. Areas of conflict should be highlighted by the activity educational lead and resolved before an activity takes place.
  5. Where courses or activities involve a form of assessment this must be conducted in an appropriate environment with appropriate invigilation. The conditions for assessment will be made clear to participants and will be agreed in advance with GAPS.
  6. All fees and other payments made by or to participants, sponsors, suppliers, individuals or institutions in association with educational activity conducted within the GAPS facility or on behalf of GAPS will be recorded and be made available to GAPS management and to St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust.
  7. Expenses associated with educational activity held within the GAPS facility or on behalf of GAPS will be reasonable, transparent and minimised. In particular, faculty entertainment, catering, transport and accommodation costs will be agreed to in advance and subject to specified maxima in accordance with St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust policies.
  8. All courses or activities will be subject to GAPS general governance processes.
  9. The GAPS facility is a non-clinical area. Current in-patients of St George’s Hospital or any other acute medical facility are not to be accommodated within the centre even for short periods.
  10. A failure to comply with these standards may result in an activity being cancelled or discontinued and the educational lead being held responsible for losses incurred by GAPS.
  11. Much of the GAPS facility is under constant audiovisual surveillance. Whilst permission to use recorded material for external purposes will always be sought (and subject to a separate agreement), recordings of activity will be made. GAPS undertakes to hold these recordings securely, to not release them without explicit permission and to destroy them after a period of time. However, they may be used to investigate breaches of standards or potentially criminal behaviour. Recordings will remain under the control of GAPS and will not be released to any party without permission.


  1. The identified educational lead for an educational activity held within the GAPS facility or on behalf of GAPS will be responsible for upholding these standards.
  2. The educational lead for educational activity held within the GAPS facility or on behalf of GAPS will be appropriately qualified for the activity.
  3. The educational lead for educational activity held within the GAPS facility or on behalf of GAPS will ensure that all those who participate in the activity will uphold these standards.
  4. The educational lead will seek approval for the presence of all observers or guests invited to attend any educational activity held within the GAPS facility. A separate Standards for Observers form is attached to these guidelines.


  1. All participants (faculty and learners) in educational activity held within the GAPS facility or on behalf of GAPS will be expected to behave in accordance with their professional standards (eg those defined by the General Medical Council Duties of a Doctor and the  Nursing and Midwifery Council The code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives).
  2. All participants in educational activity held within the GAPS facility or on behalf of GAPS  will abide by the standards of conduct defined by the codes of conduct for employees and students of St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and St George’s University of London.
  3. All participants will be expected to settle course fees, deposits and other payments due to GAPS without delay.
  4. Agreement to comply with Standards for the conduct of educational activity within the Simulation and Skills Centre (‘GAPS’) at St George’s Hospital.

Observing a Simulation Course

As an observer on this course you are in a privileged position, viewing participants placed in potentially challenging and stressful situations. Both simulation and facilitated feedback sessions may be unfamiliar for many people and your presence may place additional stress and distraction to them. In order for the learners to understand fully why you are here you should ensure that you have been introduced to all learners participating in the activities you observe. 

You must respect the the GAPS standards of conduct. In particular, you must ensure that you:

  • report to GAPS administration staff on arrival, complete registration forms as directed and make contact with the Educational Lead for the activity you have come to observe. The Educational Lead is responsible for you and your behaviour whilst in the GAPS centre.
  • remain quiet, respectful and unobtrusive during educational activity.
  • do not participate in educational activity unless specifically requested by the Educational Lead.
  • do not discuss any details of learners’ performance or disclosures during educational sessions to any one outside the GAPS facility.
  • do not discuss the clinical details of individual scenarios outside of the GAPS facility.
  • complete the confidentiality form at the start of the day.

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