The GAPS OTTERS Train the Trainer course is a two day programme which introduces experienced clinical teachers in Maternity to the techniques of simulation-based training. It consists of a series of simulations intermixed with workshops and course participants learn by doing and discussing rather than by listening to lectures. It is aimed at equipping teams from Maternity Units with the knowledge and skills to develop a model of simulation which is relevant to their own service improvement strategies and ultimately patient outcomes.

Day 1 concentrates on the rationale for using simulation training in Maternity Units and demonstrates how to the skills clinical educators already have in using part task trainers can be extended to the use of medium fidelity manikins, as well as thinking through the elements of scenario design and logistics for a engaging a multi-professional audience. The morning workshops introduce some theory and discussion topics related to feedback-giving in a multi-disicplinary group and the place of human factors training in an education programme.

Day 2 introduces the participants to more of the technical aspects of medium fidelity simulation and also looks at the challenges of delivering sustainable mobile and in situ simulation. The structure of the day is relatively flexible. Participants are able to focus on particular aspects of obstetric simulation. There will be opportunities to use audio and video equipment, to participate as ‘in-scenario’ faculty and to control the mannequins as well as to give more complex feedback.

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