Excellence in Critical Care Nursing


Foundation of Critical Care Nursing


Course Overview                 

 The FCCN Course provides an introduction to the specialist nursing care required to manage patients in critical care areas. It aims to equip practitioners with practical critical care skills and experiences to safely care for Level 2 & Level 3 patients.

The course aims to enhance knowledge underpinning specialist critical care practice whilst providing safe and evidence based care to Level 2 and Level 3 patients who are critically ill.  The course consists of 8 study days over 3 months, comprising of a combination of lectures, group work, workshops and simulation.

This page has been created by the enthusiasm and dedication of the following Practice Educators in Critical Care Nursing :

Alfredo Bravo, Maya Govender, Catherine Jones , Emma Priestley

 Karin Steinhauser, Jane Roe, Michele Stevens, Kathy Dalley, Yvette Skinner,  Stephen Ndoro, Michele Skelhill

March FCCN 2019 FCCN Enrolled -Cohort Click Here 

June FCCN 2019 FCCN Enrolled -Cohort Click Here

September FCCN 2019 FCCN Enrolled -Cohort Click Here

November FCCN 2019 FCCN Enrolled -Cohort Click Here

February FCCN 2020 FCCN Enrolled -Cohort Click Here

Should you wish to join our Adult Critical Care Team & FCCN course please contact Anthea Allen, (Recruitment Sister), via the online form below.



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