Discovery Diagnostic Tools


The discovery phase contains 6 tools, to:

  • Define the vision, purpose and mission of the culture programme in the organisation
  • Discover the current culture
  • Gain a better understanding of the workforce.

The table below summarises the tools used and the number of participants in each tool.

Diagnostic ToolDescription  Number of participants
DashboardProvides a platform to investigate and present pre-exiting data primarily staff survey data1000+
Board InterviewsSet of 14 interview questions designed to get interviewees to share their personal perspectives of the performance and behaviour of the board as a whole and to reflect on their role in creating and supporting a culture of compassionate and supportive leadership. Non- executive directors, executive directors and divisional leaders were interviewed25
Leadership Behaviours SurveyConsists of an online questionnaire mainly targeting Band 7 members of staff and above. It asks staff to think about their own behaviour as well as those of their leaders. The results tell you the leadership strengths of individuals and of the trust’s overall leadership500
Focus GroupsProvide an opportunity to discuss culture and levels of compassionate and inclusive leadership at all levels of the organisation in a safe space. They can also help draw in people who may not recognise how their role affects patient care. The focus groups particularly targeting junior staff from across sites, services and professions180
Leadership workforce analysisLooks at workforce capacity, now and in the future, in terms of numbers, diversity and demographics, and the knowledge skills and abilities of key leadership roles and the wider workforce.10
Patient ExperienceThis tool used pre-existing patient experience data to inform understanding and identify where to improve1000+ patient comments used
Strengthening Culture at St.George’s

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