Welcome to this app/website that has been set up to help you through the next few weeks of this COVID-19 situation.

This section of the website is set up to enable to ask questions or send feedback as we are trying to improve the training and resources available to you. You can also share how you are feeling with other ward and non-ICU nurses who have come to help us in these exceptional times.

If you think there is anything we can add, please let us know!

Thank  you so much for what you are doing – it means so much to us.

Your Practice Education team

Thank you from our staff

Self-Care and Psychological support


Airways – Endotracheal (ET) and tracheostomy tubes

Respiratory assessment & monitoring

Respiratory support – including ventilation

Monitoring – including invasive lines

ITU medication, sedation and delirium

General nursing care of the critically ill patient


Quick Look Resources

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