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Medical Emergencies: Evaluation, Response and Keeping Attention on Team Communication and Patient Safety

MEERKATS replaces Patient Safety Training and the ALERT™ course.

Simulation courses include senior and junior doctors, senior and junior nurses, medical students and health care assistants. Learners participate in the simulation exercises in their normal clinical role and work in realistic clinical teams.

It combines the essential elements of patient safety with good practice in communication and recognition and management of the acutely unwell patient.


FY1 x 4

FY2 x 4

Nurse band 6+ x 4

Nurse band 5 x 8

HCA x 6


Core Medical Training:

CT1 x 4

CT2 x 4

Nurse band 6-7 x 6

HCA x 4


Medical School 5th Y

Final Year x 16

Nurse band 5 x 8

HCA’s x 4

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