Assignment 1: Written Essay

Submission Date for Written Assignment: 11th Dec 2018

Please Ensure that Self assessment Checklist is completed

The purpose of the written assignment is to

Analyse an aspect of patient care you have delivered in critical care – with reference to current literature”

  1. Describe one aspect of care you have delivered to one patient (maintaining confidentiality).
  2. Provide rationale for your choice with reference to patient data & contemporary critical care evidence base
  3. Appraise the care you delivered to the patient with reference to patient data & relevant literature
  4. Critically evaluate the outcomes of the care that you delivered.
  5. Identify how your own practice will develop . If appropriate, make recommendations for improvements of systems or processes on your ICU.

Word limit: 2000 words

Written feedback will be provided on the following areas:


  1. Topic & patient clearly identified.
  2. Rationale for choice of topic included in introduction & supported by patient data & relevant literature
  3. Actions clearly & accurately appraised with reference to contemporary literature.
  4. Demonstrates understanding of key practice principles & literature
  5. Outcomes clearly evaluated & supported by balanced discussion of evidence base.
  6. Relevant recommendations for individual and/or group practice development


Assignment 2: Practice Competencies

  • Submission date for Practice Competencies Review: 11th Dec 2018
  • Final Submission date for Practice Competencies:11th Sept 2019

Practice Competencies to be assessed by the participant’s clinical practice area.

The following documents need to be submitted on the date below for review:

  • The National Competency Framework for Adult Critical Care Nurses – Step 1
  • St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Core Nursing Competency Profile (for those staff employed by St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

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